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Deal of the Week - East Coast to West Coast just $99

Deal of the Week - East Coast to West Coast just $99

It's that time of year when airlines are charging through the roof for fares around Christmas and Thanksgiving knowing people will travel regardless. As people pay through the roof for these holidays flights around them and into the new year tend to drop significantly as there are thousands of empty seats. 

Looking to January - pretty much everyone if offering $99 flights between New York and San Francisco and LA. It very rarely goes below this. United, Alaska, American and Delta are all there, fares are basic economy so you know what that involves but the planes are empty so the chances are nobody will be beside you anyway. If you want a bit more service - give Alaska a go.

As you can see nearly every date in January and February is available on all major carriers for just $99. So get out of that east coast cold and head west for a few days. Play around with Google Flights for dates and routes, they are all available.




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