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MHC’s Advent Calendar of Tips and Tricks

MHC’s Advent Calendar of Tips and Tricks

Growing up the start of December saw an advent calendar appear in my family home, each morning a piece of candy arrived and before I knew it was Christmas Eve and it was up to Santa Claus to decide if I was getting a bag of coal or a bag of gifts - I wont tell you what usually showed up. 

But this year I will share 24 tips and tricks to help you earn some extra cash, miles and make your travel experience just a little better, particularly at the busiest time of year. Some you may know already, some may be silly but follow along you might learn something new which could lead to a new adventure in 2020. 

#1 Forget about Uber, link your Delta Skymiles and Hilton Honors account to Lyft and earn points on every mile you drive. 

#2 If you are buying tickets for sporting events via Ticketmaster log in via and earn bonus SkyMiles! They all count. 

#3 If WiFi doesn’t work on your flight, send the airline a polite DM on Twitter. If you are nice they have the power to award you a few free miles, but they don’t have to, so don’t claim the lack of WiFi ruined your life.... 

#4 Change your phone service to Sprint and get a sign on bonus of 25,000 American Airlines points, an extra 5,000 through the course of your contract, along with free Hulu and no international data and messaging charges. 

#5 Buy an economist subscription and earn 18,000 Avios enough points for two round trips in Europe, a transatlantic flight or a cool business class trip on Cathay Pacific in Asia. 

#6 Even if you don’t collect United MileagePlus - the MileagePlus X app is the best resource for knowing what’s available nearby for bonus shopping and dining miles. 

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#7 IHG Points are easy to earn and fun to burn. Take advantage of their various promotions and build up a balance in no time. 

#8 Nothing is worse than paying $17.50 for a vodka and soda in an airport bar. Instead have a few of them in the lounge for free. Much better idea.

#9 Consider paid upgrades sometimes they are pretty cheap and you earn bonus miles and bonus dollars towards status. 

#10 Always book your hotels through a shopping portal. You get linked to the hotel website so earn all your hotel points and status but you also get airmiles on top. Using etc can cancel all the hotel benefits.

#11 Know your planes - nobody wants to be stuck in the middle seat but some planes have a 2-2 configuration so there's no bad seats. So buy a basic economy ticket and save some  

#12 if you are going on a long haul flight change your socks before you board, it will feel good for you and your neighbours. Also have a pair of hotel slippers in your carry on - that ain't water on the bathroom floor. 

#13 Its a busy time of year, be ready for security. Empty those pockets, have the laptop accessible, throw away the plastic bottle before you join the line. Every minute helps, if everyone does it there will be more time for a festive eggnog in the lounge.

#14 If you are flying with Delta or Alaska and your bag takes more than 20 minutes to make it to the belt. Call them you are due some bonus miles.

#15 Award Tickets allows a layover up to 24 hours at no extra charge. Explore a new city and continue your journey the following day at no extra cost. 

#16 The United excursionist perk allows you book a free trip in a different region when you book a reward flight that starts and ends in the same region. This can allow you explore different places on different airlines for free.

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