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Delta Museum - Atlanta

Delta Museum - Atlanta

The delta museum could only be in one place which is where it is at Atlanta Airport and if you have some time to kill there and even a passing interest in aviation I would recommend a visit.

On arrival at the museum you are met by the worlds first 747-400 peering over the fence at you which Delta have opted to keep as a part of history rather than sending off to the boneyards like the others. This is a nice touch which I hope a couple of other airlines will notice in the coming years as the planes stop flying. On the other side you have a 757 welcoming you in. Quite the entrance really.

The museum itself is split between the propellor age which guides you through the years before Delta went commercial and after with some great advertising pieces and an old propellor planes to help you make sense of it all. There is also a movie on repeat which runs you through the history and helps you understand what you are seeing.

The second part is the jet age and a much bigger hangar has their first 767 as its centerpiece, this was gifted to the airline by the employees during a lean time and propelled Delta into the future and helped turn them into the airline they are today. There are plenty of other pieces of memorabilia and an actual 737 simulator you can try out (for a price), stepping inside the 767 you can see how far we have come in the last few decades as far as comfort onboard goes but it’s also hard not to feel a bit nostalgic. Closed the day I visited was also the front part of a DC10 which can be rented for meetings and apparently was used in movies such as Passenger 57.

For many the main attraction is the 747 and they sensibly delay opening it so people see the rest of the museum. On your way out you pass through the gift shop of course which has some cool stuff but mainly just the swag you would expect at inflated prices. Of course I got myself a nice duffel bag, great value!!! 

It’s sad to think that many people will never get the chance to fly on the 747 as they slowly get retired around the world but this is as modern an exhibit you will see anywhere at the time of writing. The Delta One cabin remains intact and you can really see what it’s like in the intimate upstairs on one of the biggest Machines to ever fly. Some economy seats remain and the then the rest of the plane is an exhibit with see through windows into the fuselage, movies etc but mainly a big empty space which makes it easier to realize the size. You can also go outside and have a look at the wings and get some cool photos.

What struck me most about the whole museum was most of the other visitors seemed to be employees with their families who all had stories they were telling. Kids were asking questions and listening intently which was wonderful to see. People are proud to work for Delta and that’s something we see less and less of in this modern world. If you’re in Atlanta give the Coke museum a miss and visit Delta.

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