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Holiday Sales are Coming

Holiday Sales are Coming

Halloween has been and past and all around the world Holiday Season is kicking off, lights are going up on trees, sleighs will appear in malls and sales will begin all over the place to help you spend that hard earned cash of yours. You can be a lover of the season or a humbug, but one thing you can’t deny is that over the next few weeks the best travel deals of the year will appear and disappear with increased frequency, So be prepared!!

Flights around Thanksgiving and Christmas are always packed and expensive as the masses head home to be with family. What this opens up is an awful lot of empty seats around these weeks and into the New Year as budgets are blown to travel at the peak times.

The weekend before thanksgiving we are seeing bargain fares to the likes of New Orleans out of New York which is typically an expensive weekend route. Hand in hand hotels are much cheaper down there than usual - you know where to find MHC that weekend then! Same goes between the holidays and then the real fun kicks in January - May when you can get pretty much anywhere in the world much more reasonably than the other months of the year.

600x315 en Black Friday

 Over the next few weeks all the major airlines will issue sales, bargain fares, 2 for 1s, reduced mileage tickets you name it to fill those empty seats and get your cash before you spend it all on this site buying your Christmas presents. So be ready, 

1.) Bucket List

Spend the weekend preparing your bucket list of place you want to go, would like to go, never thought you'd be able to go. Do you have a February birthday? Valentine’s Day in Paris? Late January in Thailand? Heck, It’s a bucket list after all, Safari in Africa, fly fishing in New Zealand or the Super Bowl in Vegas - write them down have them ready. 

2.) Time Off

Most of us have jobs sadly, so time off needs to be planned in advance. Have a think about when would work for you, nobody else is thinking that far ahead yet!!! What about the rest of the week after Martin Luther King day for example? Maximize the public holidays to maximize your own.  

3.) Budget

Think about your budget, what are you willing to spend? You will see business class deals which sound good, but remember they will still be at least four times the economy fare. Maybe that’s worth it for a long flight, maybe not. Is one night of good sleep on a plane better than a weeks good nights sleep in a better hotel. Have a think about it and make sure you use a card that will pay you a bonus on travel. 

4.) The Status/Airmile game

Read up on where to credit, pretty much every airline has some sort of loyalty program but sometimes crediting elsewhere is a better idea. Many cheap fares sadly won’t accrue many miles these days based on their fare class. Also think about your favourite airlines partners if you travel quite a bit with work. If you fly Delta on a regular basis a cheap Korean Airlines fare to Asia would be more useful to you than a cheap Hainan fare as it would count towards your Medallion status. 

5.) Festive Gifts

Dont just think about yourself, the gift of travel and all of it's accessories if way better than a few pairs of socks and an amazon voucher. Check out our store or some of the links such as Priority Pass for some stocking filling ideas. 

Now sit back and relax, we will post the deals here as they come online and just wait for the one that's right for you! happy bargain hunting.


Chinese airline and Alaska partner Hainan is the first to party with some very affordable flights from the US to China. Starting as low as $350 from Chicago to Chengdu they also have some business class fares starting at $1400 think of those Alaska miles folks!!!

Clicking on the Cute Panda will take you right there!

Were waiting for Qatar to drop their prices but $871 is not bad with such a world class Airline. 

Exclusive online deals

 Here comes Alaska with more $99 cross country fares. We’ve taken these recently and at this price you would be silly not to too. California in January is a very nice place to be. If you decide to go before the end of the year remember to take advantage of the C2C  promotion and double those miles. 

 British Airways are offering 50% off all Avios redemptions to and from London, there are some great deals in there. 


 Delta are offering round trip Delta One fares to Europe from 98,000 miles which sounds steep but when you see one ways at three times that this is worth thinking about if you have some Skymiles hanging about.

Delta Skymiles

 Yesterday we had the Delta One Sale today it’s main cabin time with some stand out awards being New York to Zurich for just 22K Skymiles!!!! Roundtrip. That will not be beaten anywhere.

 25% off IHG Hotels for the next week. While they may have many average properties they also have some really great ones. Think Kimpton, Intercontinental and Indigo. 

IHG 25% Sale

 For any London based readers - Qantas have a special promotion this week as part of their 100 year centenary celebrations. Each morning this week at 12.00 GMT they will be releasing 20 Golden Tickets which will give you amazingly low fares between the UK and Australia. Today’s now sold out tickets were just 200 GBP between London and Sydney. Check out the link below for all the info and get involved.

Qantas 100 Golden Tickets

 Go Quick folks a lot of American Airlines domestic flights in the US are just 5K right now. Transcontinental flights for $5.60 and just 5,000 miles amazing value.



600x315 en Black Friday
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