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What is MileHigh.Club and who are we?

What is MileHigh.Club and who are we?

MHC was born out of a love for all things travel. The world has never been more accessible with airfares at all time lows, the rise and increased availability of points and miles and general curiosity due to the explosion of the internet and social media. If they can do it, why can't I?

Based in New York City the MHC team has traveled the world on numerous occasions and is always plotting the next adventure near or far. We wanted to launch a platform to share our hints and tips, let you know what we are experiencing and help you plan some amazing trips in the most comfortable and cost efficient way possible.

If a great deal pops up well let you know about it, well explain mileage programs and help you have the odd trip in the pointy end of the plane drinking champagne or sleeping if that's your thing and a whole lot more. All it takes is a bit of planning and some flexibility. Its a big world out there, go and explore it.

In addition we have also set up a travel store which aims to provide you with quality products which will make your trips more enjoyable, more efficient and less stressful. We have linked up with an expanding group of quality suppliers who will offer everything from luggage through gaming systems and back again, all with travel in mind. We will be constantly adding products as time moves on and we think you will find things you like for yourself or a loved one. 

Central to all this is a loyalty program which is up and running and will in some ways act like your favourite frequent flyer program with three membership tiers and plenty of perks along the way. Alongside discounts in our store, we will run promotions and competitions which will offer all sorts of cool travel related swag. We hope this will help build a community over time and MileHigh.Club will be one of those websites you check out each morning on the way to work to see what's happening and with McAffe behind us, you can shop, read and contribute without having to worry about security. 

Welcome to the Club!!


Who Are We?

One of the Brains behind the operation is frequent traveler Mark Schutz who has recently been clocking in close to 100k miles a year on his travels around the world. There is nowhere he is happier than sipping a beer on a beach at sunset, (presuming he got a good deal on the flights that is)




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Lawrence Bonzer - March 10, 2020

Hello Old friend . Glad to get re-acquainted.

I think my membership needs a re-up if my memory serves me correctly.

Let me know if you can get this done and what info (if any) you need from me.

Let’s get drinks soon ! I’m in the Bay / NorCal now. You? How’s the family ?

New cell: 3106942393

Hit me up bro!

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