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Pool with a view Rennaisance Hotel Atlanta

Renaissance Hotel - Atlanta Airport - Planespotting at its best!!

Airport hotels are generally a thing of necessity rather than choice, used when departures are at the crack of dawn, flights are cancelled or as part of a layover. You wouldn’t usually book one unless you had to. However there are a handful around the world that people flock to by choice to partake in their favorite hobby.

The Renaissance hotel at Atlanta airport is one of these hotels where aviation enthusiasts or avgeeks young and old go and stay in one of the runway view rooms and watch planes day and night. You may have noticed it as you land at Atlanta a big imposing hotel with balconies facing the runway and if you’ve googled it maybe you landed here. 

Rennaisance Atlanta at Night

Part of Marriot Bonvoy the Renaissance offers the usual choice when it comes to rooms but one package that stands out is the aviation package which gives you a runway facing room, a welcome pack with binoculars and a few bits and pieces, 2 tickets to the nearby Delta Museum and welcome drinks and snacks. This was slightly more expensive than the average room but if you intend on visiting the museum too, well worth it. 

What makes this hotel so different to the others is each room has a balcony rather than a window. So you can sit outside and have perfect views of two of Atlanta’s four runways. This makes a huge difference as you don’t have the glare and noise restrictions the windows give in similar hotels. The room itself was modern as you would expect from the brand and of course earned Bonvoy points. 

Atlanta Airport

Being Atlanta the aircraft on view were of course mainly Delta in all shapes and sizes. Spending an hour watching them all come and go will make you swear never to complain about a delay again. As you see the airport come alive in the morning you realize what actually goes into running an airline of Deltas size and it’s hugely impressive. Of course other airlines come in two and after a while you do get excited as you watch a 747 approach on flight radar. 

As you can expect minutes turn into hours but once you drag yourself away the Delta museum is a ten minute walk away and also well worth visiting while you are in town. The chick-fila experience museum is up to you!!! The hotel has both an indoor and outdoor pool neither are particularly nice but with the smell of jet fuel in the air it’s a bit of an experience too. It’s also a quick 20 minute ride into the city so if it all gets  planey you’re not too far from downtown. We checked out the MLS at Mercedes Stadium which was a great time.

Renaissance Hotel Atlanta

While planespotting is not for everyone this hotel is up there with some of the more famous watching spots such as In and Out at LAX. Sure it’s Delta heavy but if it’s your thing there’s nothing quite like cracking open a beer on your balcony and watching Atlanta airport in all its operational glory. 

Atlanta Tarmac 



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