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The Best NYC Bar with Views

One thing New York City has is bars, lots and lots of bars. They come in all shapes and sizes but if you are visiting you are probably going to visit at least one bar with a view. Generally speaking these will be rooftops, pretty expensive and probably a bit pretentious. So how about a bar that has all the views  , costs just $2.75 for 90 minute stay and is either BYOB or very cheap?

Doesn’t exist right? We beg to differ. Starting at Wall Street the East River Ferry runs all the way up to Soundview in the Bronx stopping at 34th and 90th streets and takes about 40 minutes each way. This route takes in many of New York’s sights from a unique vantage point that doesn’t cost a fortune. 

On leaving Wall Street with Lady Liberty behind you you pass under the Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges with views of the financial district and Dumbo, turning the corner you see midtown in the distance as you take in the new high rises on the Brooklyn side in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. You can look at the people on those bars with views as you sip your Mermaid Pilsener and say to yourself I can have three of these for the price of one drink there. You pass Long Island City and it’s famous Pepsi sign, the United Nations is up close and personal and the Empire State and Chrysler building offer the iconic photo shots. 

As you head further north you pass Roosevelt and Randall’s islands and move along the Astoria shore before having a view of Rikers Island which is a little chilling due to its sheer size before the final stop in Soundview which for the AvGeeks pleasure is right under the LaGuardia flight path so you can watch the planes come in on final approach. 

Your ticket is by time not route so you can jump straight back on and see it all again on the way back down to Wall Street, UES or Midtown. Drink wise the Ferry has Beer, Wine, Soft drinks and snacks all with a 30% discount if you use Apple Pay currently. With a full price beer at $7 it’s pretty good value really. 

Running from morning through to about 9.30pm this is a great way to see to sights during the day or all lit up at night and the best bit is you can choose your own music and even bring your own cocktails of beer ain’t your thing. Give it a go next time you are in town!!!

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