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Booking Opportunities during times of uncertainty

Booking Opportunities during times of uncertainty

Corona Virus is spreading around the world at an alarming rate and in turn is affecting the tourism industry significantly. At this stage nobody knows how long it will last or how serious it will get. What we do know is airlines, cruise ship operators and hotels are starting to panic as demand is dropping off a cliff. 

What they are doing is two fold - allowing changes and cancellations to even the cheapest of tickets and also dropping fares. These are things they hate doing and customers love. If things do take a serious turn for the worse and things get cancelled, the chances of getting your money or points back is pretty high. So maybe it’s time to think about some of those bucket list trips? Now might just be the time to get booking. Right now the below are available:

Europe to the US business class fares for $1100.

Wide open award space on Qatar Airlines.

First Class availability to award partners on Cathay Pacific.

Norwegian Cruises offering four day trips with open bars out of Miami from $100 a head. 

All you can fly passes on Air Asia for $118 if you are lucky enough to live in Malaysia.

These opportunities are only going to increase in the coming days and weeks. While there is uncertainty in the air maybe it’s time to take advantage. Push the travel out until later in the year and avoid airlines that are in financial trouble and you might just be enjoying your winnings this summer and autumn. 



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