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50% off British Airways Avios Redemptions

50% off British Airways Avios Redemptions

British Airways have today released what’s turning into an annual promotion where they reduce the Avios needed for a redemption on their own metal to and from London by 50%. You got it, if you want to fly economy or premium economy you will only have to redeem half the usual Avios. For those who wish to travel up front the discount is 10% in Club World and First.

This sounds great right? The only problem is BA has ridiculously high surcharges on their award flights out of London and often cash fares on certain routes can be similar to the charges, so why waste the Avios. However flying into London you aren’t hit with the same fees so if you can make one ways work there are some real gems out there which you should take advantage of.

 British Airways 777

A search from JFK-LHR in January this morning brought up a new Avios price of 6,500  in economy or 13,000 in Premium and just $93 in charges. That is an absolute steal when you think what everyone else charges for the same route. But it’s not just the US, think about the British Airways global network it’s absolutely huge. 

One other option I looked at was JFK-LHR-JNB  which covers a lot of miles this comes in at 14,625 Avios and $263, (the fees are higher if you drop the Transatlantic leg and just book LHR-JNB). This would connect up nicely to book the super Cathay Pacific hack using Alaska miles home. While the third route I’ve checked out so far would get me from Doha to London for 6,300 and just $66 after a Qsuite adventure with Qatar Airlines.

So really the long and the short is there are some great value positioning flights in here for the miles geeks, but if you can find a cheap way home from London this is an amazing sale for getting there in the first place.

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