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Alaska Mileage Plan - if you don’t know about it, you should!!

Alaska Mileage Plan - if you don’t know about it, you should!!

Alaska Airlines is not the first brand that comes to most people’s minds when they think of Airlines. However their loyalty program is something everyone should be aware of, even if you don’t fly with them very often. 

Alaska is not in a global alliance but it is friends with some seriously great partners such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines, JAL and Cathay Pacific to name just four. Within those relationships there are some seriously cool mileage redemptions you can make. The magic number you need to get to is 25,000 miles. Which can be earned by crediting other airlines to Alaska, remember they credit miles based on distance travelled regardless of fare class and even on partner rewards tickets. I added my Alaska account to a 4,500 Avios redemption between Berlin and London earlier in the year and received the 500 odd miles, how cool is that. 

They also have cabin bonuses up to and beyond 200% for business and first class fares. So any work international work trips coming up, think seriously where to credit them if you aren’t chasing status elsewhere and Alaska is a partner have a look. 

Earlier this year I flew on Cathay’s freedom route from Vancouver to New York in business for 25k, First costs an additional 10k. A very nice experience and a great lounge in Vancouver to relax in pre-flight. However there is an even better way to spend those miles morning if you can make it work. 

JAL allow you travel within Asia with a stop in Tokyo in business class for just 25k this means you can fly from Hong Kong to Tokyo, spend a few days and then continue on to Bangkok all in business probably on a new Dreamliner for a pretty small amount of points versus the cash fare which would be several thousand. If you really like flying business class and want to spend more time in the air. Asia in the JAL program spreads all the way to India. So you could start in Singapore stop in Tokyo and then make your way all the way to Delhi for the same 25k. That’s a lot of free drinks folks. 

From Delhi you can connect to Hyderabad if you want to make your way home on the cheap on the worlds longest flight (earning nearly enough miles to do it again) or pop down to Doha and pick up Qatar Airlines Qsuites back to Europe with all those bonus Avios you have earned from the executive club shopping app. 

Alaska miles are great, name another program where you would be annoyed with yourself for redeeming so few points to spend six hours in a Cathay bed after a very nice couple of hours in the lounge. Always have a target in mind when you collect miles, maybe it’s time to switch those dining and shopping programs away from the usual suspects. 

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