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Double the Airmiles - Alaska C2C

Double the Airmiles - Alaska C2C

If you have any transcon travel coming up before the end of the year it is very much worth considering Alaska Airlines for the trips thanks to their super generous promotion that runs until New Year offering double the miles you would earn normally on all their ticket types. 

As you may be aware Alaska are the only remaining US airline which actually awards miles based on distance travelled rather than dollars spent. (Hopefully this lasts) in other words NYC to LAX will net you 2,475 miles in your account. A cheap ticket on one of the others majors may net just a few hundred for the same trip. With the promotion you will bank almost 5,000 miles each way. Pretty amazing. 

The routes included are listed below:

In other words a lot of routes. Alaska miles are super valuable and can be used for some really cool redemptions as we highlighted here

If you need to make the trip and the price is right - Consider Alaska


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