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Change to Lyft for free Skymiles and Honors Points

Change to Lyft for free Skymiles and Honors Points

Uber or Lyft?? Like apples and oranges, Giants or Jets, Delta or United - everyone has a favorite. 

But why choose Uber over Lyft? Prices tend to be very similar, drivers tend to drive for both and hence quality of cars the exact same. Maybe the App is nicer or maybe there is just more brand loyalty. 

What Lyft gives you that Uber doesn’t is both Airmiles and Hotel Points for every dollar you spend. Sure they may be small amounts but they all add up and are credited instantly. 

Sadly we recently lost JetBlue as a partner but Delta has stepped in and by linking your Skymiles account you get 1 mile per dollar spent and 2 miles when starting or ending your trip at an airport. 

On the hotel front Hilton Honors will give you 3 points per dollar spent on the same rides. Again not a huge amount but they all count and when it’s time for a redemption that’s when they are needed. 

If you are a business traveler make sure to link up that corporate card and collect all you can. Drop Uber in the new year and use Lyft - think of the points !!!


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