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Seated - The best dining rewards App out there!!

If you spend time in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston or Atlanta and like eating out occasionally you need to download the Seated App if you haven’t already.

Seated have partnered with over 1,500 restaurants in the five cities who offer discounts on your tabs post tax and pre tip. What is different here is that no credit cards are stored online and all you need to do is check in before visiting and restaurant and upload your receipt afterwards. Once approved you receive Seated Dollars in your account.

But what are Seated Dollars? Along with signing up to loads of restaurants they have signed up some heavy hitter partners where you can spend your earnings. Delta, Airbnb or Amtrak sound good? How about Amazon, Macy’s or Sephora? The money you earn here will be used on things you actually want which is a big difference to some similar apps.

The other cool thing is that the discounts “surge” - it’s kind of the same theory as Uber but in reverse. When a restaurant is quiet you will see it’s discount surge. So on a Monday night you will see much better offers than on a Saturday night. In NYC you often see up to 42% discounts. So you spend $200 on dinner and you get $84 back in credit, immediately - that can be spent on amazon within minutes.

If that wasn’t cool enough there is often codes sent around offering extra dollars if you eat out in the next 48 hours or on Sunday etc. that’s $5 or $8 there, often with no minimum spend. Their referral scheme is also very generous use my code MARK251 and you will get $15 to spend at any of the stores below as soon as you buy a soda at any of the restaurants on the app.



















With more being added every week. Do yourself a favor and download Seated today. is the link to their site if you wish to learn more.

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