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8 Bits Portable Video Game Console

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8 Bits Portable Video Game Console

This little machine is the answer to being stuck inside in the rain on a travel day or a pre-sleep retro gaming session to wind down.

When you can't bring your game system on the road, it's a simple addition to your travel pack that does two things well. You can play 50 games directly on the 8 Bits anywhere in the world and you can plug this gaming device into any TV using a good old fashioned RCA cable. The perfect portable game console for the gamer who travels.

Seriously, you could plug this portable console into a TV from the late 1980s.

It's a great option for a total newbie gamer or someone relapsing that loved saving the princess growing up.

When you're on the fly and looking to satiate your gaming fix, this is the travel game console for you.