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Antitheft External USB Charging Incline Shoulder Bag

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Anti Theft Casual Chest Bag

Looking for a stylish shoulder bag that eases your travel time and brings the right amount of utility for the light jetsetter?

This anti-theft travel bag could be the key to making your travel swift and pain-free.

Use this antitheft bag to house your devices and charge them in the airport, on the train or in the car.

The USB charger comes in handy in any environment. Charge your device on the fly, use compartments to store water bottles and much more. The type of luggage accessory that will give you peace of mind.


Material: canvas 

Lining material: Polyester cotton (internal material color random) 

Size: approx. 280 X 180 X 100mm/11.02 X 7.08 X 3.93inch 

Net weight: approx. 310g

Function: Comfort, Convenience